Flavorful desserts

Tri Color Bean


Coconut Rice Cake

  • Mixed Fruit $5

    Mixed Fruit Dessert with longans, red dates, golden raisins, seaweed, lotus seeds

  • TFD Thai Fruit Dessert $5

    Thai fruit dessert with jackfruit, longans, coconut gel, milk, coconut milk

  • Che Dau $5

    Sweet rice black-eyed pea pudding with coconut cream

  • Tri Color Bean $5

    Triple color dessert with red bean, mung bean, agar agar, coconut milk

  • Caramel Flan $3.50

    Quang's famous caramel flan custard

  • XN Mochi $5

    Sweet rice mochi filled with mung bean in ginger syrup and coconut cream

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