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Sandwiches & Salads

Sandwiches (Lunch Only)


517. BI

  • 516. THIT NGUOI
    516. THIT NGUOI

    red roasted pork , ham , pate and pork patty

  • 517. BI

    shredded pork skin and pork

  • 518. BO NUONG

    grilled beef

  • 519. HEO NUONG

    grilled pork chop

  • 520. GA NUONG

    grilled chicken

  • 521. DAU HU
    521. DAU HU

    fried tofu

All sandwiches are served on a french baguette with mayo, pickled carrots, daikon, cilantro, jalapeños, red onion & cucumbers. Grilled meat sandwiches contain fish sauce.

  • 301. BO NUONG

    grilled beef

  • 302. HEO NUONG

    grilled pork chop

  • 303. NEM NUONG
    303. NEM NUONG

    grilled meatballs

  • 304. TOM NUONG
    304. TOM NUONG

    grilled shrimp

  • 305. BO XAO
    305. BO XAO

    stir fried beef w/ onions and sprouts SPICY!

  • 306. TOM XAO
    306. TOM XAO

    stir fried shrimp w/ onions and sprouts SPICY!

  • 307. BUN CHAY
    307. BUN CHAY

    stir fried mock duck and tofu w/ onions and sprouts SPICY!

  • 308. CHA GIO

    pork eggrolls

  • 309. BA MON

    three item combo (not including stir fried items)

  • 310. BO NUONG + CHA GIO
    310. BO NUONG + CHA GIO

    grilled beef and eggrolls

  • 311. BO + NEM NUONG

    grilled beef and meatballs

  • 312. BO + TOM NUONG

    grilled beef and shrimp

  • 313. GA NUONG

    grilled chicken

  • 314. DAU HUU CHIEN
    314. DAU HUU CHIEN

    fried tofu

All noodle salads are served with lettuce, cilantro, sprouts, cucumbers, mint, onions,
carrots & topped with crushed peanuts.

Noodle Salads



Not all ingredients are listed. Notify your server of any allergies. Consumption of raw meat, seafood, poultry or eggs can increase risk of food borne illness. We accept all major credit cards. No checks. For your convenience, an 18% gratuity is applied to parties of 5 or more. We do not split checks for parties of 8 or more. Custom orders are subject to additional charges. No charges under $10

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